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Volga SARATOV won UEFS Futsal Cup 2013 !

Not surprisingly, the Russian club SFC Saratov Volga won UEFS Futsal Cup in 2013, dominating easily AMS Bastia Futsal 6-0 (4-0) in the final before a packed house. Above tactically and physically especially, Saratov confirmed the gap that still exists between the Russian and traffic training. Bastia Futsal can still console himself with a place of vice-champion of Europe, succeeding ASM Cannet Futsal. Also used by a challenging course and a semi-final still in the heads, FC Saint-Gilles has not withstood the cold realism of Spartak Moscow for the 3rd place. Men Rachid Oudgou finish fourth, which is an excellent performance for a first participation in the European Cup.


Before about 300 spectators came to cheer their local team, Bastia Futsal unfortunately never managed to inflame his supporters, reduced to defend most of the time, against a Russian team that quickly remove all hope of achievement for the Corsicans. Quickly led 1-0 and 2-0, Bastia Futsal pay cash, each of its errors concentration. On Russian and unable to worry very good goalkeeper realism, the Corsicans will strive to keep the ball as much time despite the relentless Russian pressure. But this is not enough, Saratov enjoying the vista of his captain and best player of the tournament, Rakhmanov, to score at every opportunity offered by the French. 6-0 final defeat logic. Few regrets for Bastia view the face of the game, except for not having been able to save the honor.

Tough day for traffic clubs elsewhere, as FC Saint-Gilles has not managed to win the third place podium synonymous. Overwhelmed by the physical strength and pace with Spartak Moscow, the Gard certainly still had the lead in their semi-final defeat in a context and difficult to digest scenario. Comparing a good part of the game, the French are completely packed at the end of the second period, heavily influenced by the red and white waves Moscow. Very heavy blow to blow the final whistle (14-1), which does not reflect the performance of the day, and especially the great European campaign with FC St-Gilles.

For the rest, decreased by numerous injuries, Tynset Futsal has cracked this time to face the Catalan Teia Futbol Cinc, who finished in fifth place, just ahead of their opponents of the day who cashed their first goals of the tournament after three matches. Behind Bar Flor de Lara surprised Czech Zlin with a session thrilling penalty shootout. Demonstrating that he deserved better than this place 9th, ACS Marcouville easily dominated the Czech 3-0 formation Adria Novy Bor and takes time for the next editions.


14h30 : Game 1 : VOLGA Saratov (Russia) – SMR Zlin (Czech Rep.) : 4-0 (2-0)
16h00 : Game 2 : ALTRANS Futsal (Euskadi) – FUTSAL CLUB Saint-Gilles (France) : 3-5 (1-1)
17h30 : Game 3 : ADRIA Novy Bor (Czech Rep.) – SPARTAK Moscow (Russia) : 0-4 (0-1)
20h00 : Game 4 : BASTIA Futsal (France) – TEIA Futsal 5 (Catalonia) : 5-2 (1-0)


15h30 : Game 5 : BAR FLOR de Lara Futsal (Euskadi) – SPARTAK Moscow (Russia) : 2-9 (1-7)
17h00 : Game 6 : TEIA Futsal 5 (Catalonia) – ALUSHTA (Ukraine) : 13-0 (7-0)
18h30 : Game 7 : TYNSET Futsal (Norway) – FUTSAL CLUB Saint-Gilles (France) : 0-0 (0-0) 2-3 tab
20h00 : Game 8 : ACS Marcouville (France) – SMR Zlin (Czech Rep.) : 4-5 (3-3)


15h30 : Game 9 : BAR FLOR de Lara Futsal (Euskadi) – ADRIA Novy Bor (Czech Rep.) : 0-0 (0-0) 2-1 tab
17h00 : Game 10 : TYNSET Futsal (Norway) – ALTRANS Futsal (Euskadi) : 1-0 (0-0)
18h30 : Game 11 : ACS Marcouville (France) – VOLGA Saratov (Russia) : 3-5 (2-1)
20h00 : Game 12 : BASTIA Futsal (France) – ALUSHTA (Ukraine) : 7-0 (3-0)


14h00 : Game 13 : 7-8 place : SMR Zlin – Bar Flor de Lara : 2-2 (1-1) 3-4 tab
15h30 : Game 14 : 9-10 place : Adria Novy Bor – ACS Marcouville : 0-3 (0-0)
17h00 : Game 15 : 11-12 place : Altrans Futsal – Alustha : 19-2 (10-0)
18h30 : Game 16 : ½ final 1A-1D : Volga Saratov – Spartak Moscou : 2-2 (2-1) 5-4 tab
20h00 : Game 17 : ½ final 1B-1C : Bastia Futsal – FC Saint-Gilles : 5-5 (3-3) 2-0 tab


12h00 : Game 18 : 5-6 place : TEIA Futsal Cinc – Tynset Futsal : 5-2 (2-2)
13h30 : Game 19 : 3-4 place : Spartak Moscou – FC Saint-Gilles : 14-1 (7-1)
15h00 : Game 20 : final : Volga Saratov – Bastia Futsal : 6-0 (4-0)

Final Ranking

  1. Volga Saratov
  2. Bastia Futsal
  3. Spartak Moscou
  4. FC Saint-Gilles
  5. TEIA Futsal Cinc
  6. Tynset Futsal
  7. Bar Flor de Lara Futsal
  8. SMR Zlin
  9. ACS Marcouville
  10. Adria Novy Bor
  11. Altrans Futsal
  12. Alushta Futsal

Individual Awards

Best Player  : Afgan Rakhmanov (Volga Saratov)
Best scorer: Javier Tejera (Altrans Futsal)
Best Goalkeeper : Igor Olenin (Spartak Moscou)

Results Day 4


Classification Games :

14h00 : 11-12 place : ALUSHTA – ALTRANS FUTSAL : 2-19 (0-10)
15h30 : 9-10 place : ADRIA NOVY BOR – MARCOUVILLE ACS : 0-3 (0-0)
17h00 : 7-8 place : SMR ZLIN – BAR FLOR DE LARA  : 2-2 (1-1) 3-4 tab

1/2 Final :
18h30 : 1/2 Final : VOLGA SARATOV – SPARTAK MOSCOU : 2-2 (2-1) 5-4 tab
20h00 : 1/2 Final : BASTIA FUTSAL – FC SAINT-GILLES : 5-5 (2-2) 2-0 tab


Classification Games

12h00 : 5-6 place : TYNSET FUTSAL – TEIA FUTSAL CINC
13h30 : 3-4 place : FC SAINT-GILLES – SPARTAK MOSCOU

Final :

TV trays of UEFS Futsal Cup 2013


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Bar Flor de Lara Futsal

Last european team to introduce you, the Basque club Bar Flor de Lara Futsal.

logo Bar Flor de Lara Futsal Like its Basque counterpart, Club Bar Flor de Lara Futsal is unknown to the general public and key observers from the European futsal. This is a blank page of history that any mainland Basque club will enter this international adventure in Corsica. Fourth Basque National Championship ended this weekend, Bar Flor de Lara is a safe bet the Basque Federation Futsal – FVFS.

Placed in the group of Spartak Moscow, they compete for their opening match, the Basques already know that qualifying for the semi-finals would be a feat. Free during the opening day, the Iberians can gauge the level of their two opponents and prepare accordingly. The main objective of the club should be to compete against the Czechs Adria Novy Bor for second place in the group and to provide end of exciting competition. Less likely to attack qu’Altrans Futsal, Bar Flor de Lara Futsal would still like to provide entertainment to spectators and get the most from this experience will mark the club’s history.

Bar Flor de Lara Futsal

Bar Flor de Lara Futsal (EUS)

Roster team Bar Flor de Lara Futsal (EUS)



Altrans Futsal

Penultimate team of our staff review the Basque team Altrans Futsal .

Altrans Futsal (EUS)Altrans Futsal (EUS) Comprising former futsal players experienced at its inception, the club Altrans Futsal continues its development by enrolling among the best Basque formations. Third last year, second this year (behind champion historical statistics) after a final victory this weekend, Altrans Futsal is skyrocketing and hope to show on the european scene.

Novices at the european level, the Basques expect to suffer, especially the team will hampered by significant absences. But like their counterparts Catalans, the fervor of the Basque team has nothing to envy to the best foreign clubs. Participating for the first time in an European Futsal Cup, Altrans is offered a real chance to reach the last four of the competition, the draw putting the Basque club in a free Russian or Czech training group consisting of three training inexperienced at international level. Will feed some ambitions for men Larra Juan Antonio Romero will start the competition with a very open against FC Saint-Gilles game.

Altrans Futsal (EUS)

Altrans Futsal (EUS)

Roster team Altrans Futsal (EUS)


Coach : Juan Antonio LARRA ROMERO

FK Adria Novy Bor

Second Czech representative qualified for the competition, FK Adria Novy Bor has not experience its counterpart SMR More Zlin.

FK Adria Novy BorWith his victory in National Cup last year, FK Adria Novy Bor is offered a trip to Corsica to play its first European Cup history. Unprepared for such an adventure, the Czech club hopes still figured well in the competition and enjoy the experience that is as the club will renew Adria Novy Bor lost his title this season in the semifinals (against the Chemcomex 2 – 1) and only finished ninth at the end of the last Czech National Championship.

Despite concerns administrative, training coach Pavel Caizl Senior is happy to rub renowned teams such as Spartak Moscow. If the qualification is difficult to get a first win on the international stage will be the stated goal, with a decisive battle against Bar Flor de Lara Futsal during the last day of the group stage. Players of FK Adria Novy Bor will not have time to doubt with a baptism of fire against the club Champion of the world, that could be better for European debut? The story runs well and why not start with a feat.

FK Adria Novy Bor

FK Adria Novy Bor

Roster team FK Adria Novy Bor (CZE)

  1. Jaroslav KLOUBEK
  2. Radek RANGL
  3. Martin HOUDEK
  4. Tomáš KLOUBEK
  5. Jakub SVATEK
  6. Petr MOUCKA
  8. David ŠTORC
  9. Tomáš ABRHAM

Coach : Pavel CAIZL SENIOR

Spartak Moscou

World Champion clubs in title, Spartak Moscow appears as the favorite of the UEFS Futsal Cup competition.

Spartak Moscow FutsalImpossible to present Spartak Moscow not to mention the winners of this monster European and even global, European Champion Clubs in 2002, 2011 and 2012, World champion clubs in 2012, and multiple winner of the Russian championships. Official supplier of international players, the Moscow club endorses logically jersey favorite in this competition, even enjoying a simplified drawing, with both teams finding European conferences.

If the experiment is of course much more present on the Russian side, opponents of the ogre in Moscow have much to surprise and enjoy an average season Spartak Moscow. Distanced Russian championship, Moscow no longer shines like last season, and met some hiccups and slump in national competitions. Then to consider a first-round, walking seems important. Opposite from the first day of the Czech FK Adria Novy Bor, novice in the European Cup and only the ninth in the championship of the Czech Republic, the Russians can make their mark on the tournament, then linking with the Basque Bar Flor de Lara Futsal training unknown to the general public as well. With a more than full strength, the coach Belyaev can enjoy a seamless bench to maintain quality and intensity that are the strength of the Russian training for years. We will have it with cashmere, a possible semifinal against the first group of death, group A, containing another Russian club …

Spartak Moscow Futsal

Spartak Moscow Futsal

Composition de l’équipe Spartak Moscou (RUS)

  1. PAVLOTSKIY Kirill
  2. PETROV Alexey
  3. MURZAKOV Andrey
  4. KRASILNIKOV Alexander
  5. MONAKHOV Andrei
  6. SOCHENKOV Victor
  8. YUSHKIN Aleksandr
  9. INNIKOV Dmitry
  10. ISKUSNYKH Anton
  11. ERSHOV Dmitry
  12. OLENIN Igor

Coach : BELYAEV Vasily

Futsal Club Saint-Gilles

Third French representative competition, Futsal Club Saint-Gilles was offered a great opportunity to demonstrate that he deserves his place in this competition.

FC Saint-GillesWinner of the National Futsal Club Challenge 2012Futsal Club Saint-Gilles beat the odds with a perfect record, concluded by a final won logically against AMS Bastia Futsal. The Gard club can count on its international Amine Malyh, resilient leader who knows how to value its partners, but also promising young players, all framed by the experience of coach Oudgou.

In top form in recent weeks despite the loss of their title and start complicated season, Futsal Club Saint-Gilles landed in Corsica with the belief that good performance is possible to view the draw. Placed in group C where three teams will make their debut on the European stage, the feat is possible. To do this, we should not miss the first game against the Basques Altrans where pressure could influence the result either of the teams. The team that will best manage the event should be offered a place in the last four, hope Futsal Club Saint-Gilles will seize his chance.

Futsal Club Saint-Gilles

Futsal Club Saint-Gilles

Composition de l’équipe Futsal Club Saint-Gilles (FRA)

  1. SAMPAIO Joao
  2. ALCARAZ Sebastien
  3. OUDGOU Rachid
  4. MALYH Amine
  5. AFFITOU Mohamed
  6. BENSAID Halim
  7. EL GHADDAR Nassim
  8. BENMANSOUR Hamed Mehdi
  9. AFFITOU Issam
  10. JAHROU Mouhcine

Coach : Rachid OUDGOU

Tynset Futsal

The Tynset Futsal Club (Store Hyller FC) represent Norway with the main aim to make the best possible performance.

Tynset Futsal (Store Hyller FC)Unknown on the European scene, the ranks Tynset Futsal four at the last year in Norway. Established in 2005, the Norwegian club, which has won multiple local and regional championships each year by qualifying for the National Championship, which he has just reached 4th place in 2012, with a ticket in hand for the European Cup UEFS.

Based on a framework of young players aged 20-28 years, who also play football, the Norwegian training is gaining experience rubbing with new opponents, with the pressure and intensity of European games. Decreased by the absence of two of its international, Tynset Futsal not possess all its assets when facing FC Saint-Gilles for his opening match. Nordic club can get an idea of its competitors in the group since the opening day will be exempt. With three newcomers clubs at European level in this group, it will be the last meeting to designate one who finishes top of group C at the end of the qualifying stage.

Tynset Futsal (Store Hyller FC)

Tynset Futsal (Store Hyller FC)

Composition de l’équipe Tynset Futsal (NOR)

  1. FISKVIK Emil
  2. THORESEN Trond Arne
  3. THORESEN Petter Erik
  4. RØE Eirik
  5. RØE Henning
  6. SAGBAKKEN Simen
  7. SKORSTAD Vegard
  8. DALEN Kristian
  9. SLÅEN Erland
  10. STRYPET Lars
  11. THORES Espen

Coach : SAGBAKKEN Simen