SMR Plus Zlin

Every day, training will be decrypted by our editors to present in detail all the protagonists of the UEFS Futsal Cup 2013. Today, the SMR Plus Zlin.

logo-SMR-Plus-Zlin-24b-200pxFavori announced for the final title, the club of Czech SMR Plus Zlin is a regular European games. On the podium in the latest edition of the European Cup of Champions Clubs organized in the Czech Republic, SMR Plus Zlin missed anything a European title in the most prestigious competitions UEFS.

Ranked third in the last national championship the Czech SMR Plus Zlin has not gone far from a national title, not failing to face Chemcomex Praha, vice-champion of Europe with its international armada. (Video 1/2 finale online)

Coached by Josef Soukenik, training Czech serious arguments to make, including Thomas Haloda his scorer record, up to 18 goals in the league this year. SMR Plus Zlin find his hen a formidable competitor, the SMC Volga Saratov, they defeated last year in the small final of the European Cup of Clubs Champions. What hope for the best reunion will be the opening match of the competition, an introduction that will delight many fans probably expected. Forced to finish first the chicken to reach the semi-finals, the Czechs will also get rid of the French club ACS Marcouville, novice at European level. The experience of SMR Plus Zlin could make the difference.

With a workforce comprehensive, SMR Plus Zlin has every chance of his side to win the final victory. It will he sufficient to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament? Initial response on April 24 at 14:30.


SMR Plus Zlin (CZE)

Roster team SMR Plus Zlin (CZE)

  1. SOUKENÍK Ondrej
  2. ZUBÍCEK Zdenek
  3. ZUBÍCEK Josef
  4. JULINA Zdenek
  5. ULMAN Tomáš
  6. SVETLÍK Ivo
  7. HALODA Tomáš
  8. ZELÍK Adam
  9. KRCMÁR Aleš
  10. KUTRA Tomáš
  11. CIESLAR Josef
  12. SLOBODIAN Rostislav
  13. VALKOVIC David
  14. KREPELKA Václav

Coach : SOUKENÍK Josef