SFC Volga Saratov

Also in Group A presentation SFC Volga Saratov, a serious candidate for the European Trophy.

logo-Volga-Saratov-150px4th in the latest edition of the prestigious European Cup of Champions Clubs and winner of the UEFS Futsal Cup in 2009 and finalist in 2010, the SFC Volga Saratov is a regular training to European catwalks. Based on a backbone consisting of international Russian players, the Club of the Lower Volga is sure to be a success in this event they have already won. City located 1000 kilometers southeast of Moscow, Saratov has almost one million habitants and many futsal clubs, as the SFC Volga Saratov, leading club in the Russian league.

Still in the race this season for the national title, Saratov is rather a Cup team that loves tournaments and try to confirm his challenger level this year. Engaged in group A, the Russians will quickly know what their future holds, they will be from the outset opposed to another favorite, Czech SMR Plus Zlin. In this formula, where the slightest mistake is fatal, one loss is synonymous with knockout 90%. Everything should be played in this initial shock, unless the ACS Marcouville only creates the surprise of the group, which is on paper, the toughest of competition. Coached by Anatoly Mal, the Russian team is shaping up as a key player in the competition, if not to miss his opening match …


SFC Volga Saratov (RUS)

Roster team SFC Volga Saratov (RUS)

  1. SOKOLOV Andrey
  2. ZAPLETIN Mikhail
  3. SLESAREV Maxim
  4. VARDANIAN Boris
  5. GRIGORYEV Alexander
  7. SENATOROV Roman
  9. BELYUKOV Sergey
  10. RAKHMANOV Afgan
  11. CHIBIREV Andrey
  12. MARKOV Alexander

Coach : MAL Anatoly