Spartak Moscou

World Champion clubs in title, Spartak Moscow appears as the favorite of the UEFS Futsal Cup competition.

Spartak Moscow FutsalImpossible to present Spartak Moscow not to mention the winners of this monster European and even global, European Champion Clubs in 2002, 2011 and 2012, World champion clubs in 2012, and multiple winner of the Russian championships. Official supplier of international players, the Moscow club endorses logically jersey favorite in this competition, even enjoying a simplified drawing, with both teams finding European conferences.

If the experiment is of course much more present on the Russian side, opponents of the ogre in Moscow have much to surprise and enjoy an average season Spartak Moscow. Distanced Russian championship, Moscow no longer shines like last season, and met some hiccups and slump in national competitions. Then to consider a first-round, walking seems important. Opposite from the first day of the Czech FK Adria Novy Bor, novice in the European Cup and only the ninth in the championship of the Czech Republic, the Russians can make their mark on the tournament, then linking with the Basque Bar Flor de Lara Futsal training unknown to the general public as well. With a more than full strength, the coach Belyaev can enjoy a seamless bench to maintain quality and intensity that are the strength of the Russian training for years. We will have it with cashmere, a possible semifinal against the first group of death, group A, containing another Russian club …

Spartak Moscow Futsal

Spartak Moscow Futsal

Composition de l’équipe Spartak Moscou (RUS)

  1. PAVLOTSKIY Kirill
  2. PETROV Alexey
  3. MURZAKOV Andrey
  4. KRASILNIKOV Alexander
  5. MONAKHOV Andrei
  6. SOCHENKOV Victor
  8. YUSHKIN Aleksandr
  9. INNIKOV Dmitry
  10. ISKUSNYKH Anton
  11. ERSHOV Dmitry
  12. OLENIN Igor

Coach : BELYAEV Vasily