Teiá Futbol Cinc

Also present at the highest level in recent years, the Catalan courses are formidable opponents, which should still be the case with Teiá Futbol Cinc.

Teiá Futbol CincFounded in 1994, Teiá Futbol Cinc is one of the most important Catalan club, with no fewer than 17 teams (4 years older) engaged in various competitions. Evolving in the colors of Ajax Amsterdam in honor Yoan Cruyff, the Teiá Futbol Cinc finished his second season in the highest division Catalan. Novice in the European Cup, Teiá Futbol Cinc try to forget his place in the league relegation, or maintenance will be difficult to acquire. With more than 20 points behind Ripoll, the leader who will play the next Champions League Futsal UEFS. Catalans Teiá Futbol Cinc benefit from this international adventure to regain momentum to finish the season in the best of ways. And why not learn from the women’s section, who finished third in the European Cup Female Clubs UEFS in December last year in Blanes.

Placed in a very open group B where each team has its opportunities, opening match against AMS Bastia Futsal should be decisive. The favorite hen, Ukrainians Dinamo Alushta Futsal program will then Catalan for any place in the semi-finals. No doubt that the Catalan fury will be there to inhabit the soul of players Teiá Futbol Cinc.

Teiá Futbol Cinc

Teiá Futbol Cinc (CAT)

Team roster Teiá Futbol Cinc (CAT)

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