Tynset Futsal

The Tynset Futsal Club (Store Hyller FC) represent Norway with the main aim to make the best possible performance.

Tynset Futsal (Store Hyller FC)Unknown on the European scene, the ranks Tynset Futsal four at the last year in Norway. Established in 2005, the Norwegian club, which has won multiple local and regional championships each year by qualifying for the National Championship, which he has just reached 4th place in 2012, with a ticket in hand for the European Cup UEFS.

Based on a framework of young players aged 20-28 years, who also play football, the Norwegian training is gaining experience rubbing with new opponents, with the pressure and intensity of European games. Decreased by the absence of two of its international, Tynset Futsal not possess all its assets when facing FC Saint-Gilles for his opening match. Nordic club can get an idea of its competitors in the group since the opening day will be exempt. With three newcomers clubs at European level in this group, it will be the last meeting to designate one who finishes top of group C at the end of the qualifying stage.

Tynset Futsal (Store Hyller FC)

Tynset Futsal (Store Hyller FC)

Composition de l’équipe Tynset Futsal (NOR)

  1. FISKVIK Emil
  2. THORESEN Trond Arne
  3. THORESEN Petter Erik
  4. RØE Eirik
  5. RØE Henning
  6. SAGBAKKEN Simen
  7. SKORSTAD Vegard
  8. DALEN Kristian
  9. SLÅEN Erland
  10. STRYPET Lars
  11. THORES Espen

Coach : SAGBAKKEN Simen