Alushta Futsal

Third and final training group B, Alushta Futsal hopes to play a leading role.

Dinamo Alushta Futsal

From a coastal town near the sea Crimea, Alushta should not feel too out of place in this European Cup in which he participated for the first time. Present on the international scene in the veterans category (40 +) in recent years, the Ukrainian side had never taken part in a competition of this type UEFS.

Since Dinamo Donesk, vice champion of Europe in 2007, Ukraine has not provided a contender for the win in the last editions. If Alushta does not appear among the favorites, its direct competitors are wary of Ukrainian science tactics in futsal, where a new young generation is hatched. Outsider tournament, Alushta have the privilege of observing his opponents on the first day, since AMS Bastia Futsal and Teiá Futbol Cinc will compete in the first day of competition. Will this be enough for it to surprise and out of chickens? Initial response on April 25 with an opposition against the Catalans style of Teiá Futbol Cinc.

Team roster Dinamo  Alushta Futsal (UKR)



AMS Bastia Futsal

For its second European campaign in its history, the AMS Bastia Futsal will the privilege of playing at home. The Corsican club hopes to make to reach the last four.

AMS Bastia FutsalUnbeaten at home for several years now, Bastia Futsal aims to maintain this good habit despite the expected level of Thurs Finalist last French National Futsal Club Challenge 2012, the Corsican club has offered the opportunity to play a new European campaign. Bastia will be more honored to host for the first time in Europe UEFS Futsal Cup on the French territory. Currently co-leader of the Ligue Nationale de Futsal Elite Sud, Bastia Futsal is in great shape and covers the event in good condition, despite the lack of room to train.

Spared by the draw, the island club finds itself in a very open group B, each claiming to have a real chance to reach the last four. Yet will he confirm it on the ground, where many fans expected will not be too much to infuse the taste of victory in Corsica training. Based on several international players, and European experience in Russia two years ago, Bastia Futsal has sufficient arguments to expect a great run at home. Face unknown opponents on the international scene, the island depart somewhat blindly in this tournament, and will soon set their ambitions on the prime-time game against the Catalans Teiá Futbol Cinc.

AMS Bastia Futsal

AMS Bastia Futsal

 Composition de l’équipe AMS Bastia Futsal (FRA)

  1. GUIHOMAT Charles
  2. MARINI Jérémy
  3. GARRIDO Michael
  4. RICCIARDI Sébastien
  5. MARSALA Alexandre
  6. DOTTEL Jean-Charles
  7. PIANELLI Vincent
  8. VALENTIN Aurélien
  9. VACHAUD Nicolas
  10. DOTTEL Jean-François
  11. EL KADDOURI Mohamed
  12. ETTORI Adrien
  13. CHARCHALI Anthony
  14. DOTTEL Jean-Baptiste


Teiá Futbol Cinc

Also present at the highest level in recent years, the Catalan courses are formidable opponents, which should still be the case with Teiá Futbol Cinc.

Teiá Futbol CincFounded in 1994, Teiá Futbol Cinc is one of the most important Catalan club, with no fewer than 17 teams (4 years older) engaged in various competitions. Evolving in the colors of Ajax Amsterdam in honor Yoan Cruyff, the Teiá Futbol Cinc finished his second season in the highest division Catalan. Novice in the European Cup, Teiá Futbol Cinc try to forget his place in the league relegation, or maintenance will be difficult to acquire. With more than 20 points behind Ripoll, the leader who will play the next Champions League Futsal UEFS. Catalans Teiá Futbol Cinc benefit from this international adventure to regain momentum to finish the season in the best of ways. And why not learn from the women’s section, who finished third in the European Cup Female Clubs UEFS in December last year in Blanes.

Placed in a very open group B where each team has its opportunities, opening match against AMS Bastia Futsal should be decisive. The favorite hen, Ukrainians Dinamo Alushta Futsal program will then Catalan for any place in the semi-finals. No doubt that the Catalan fury will be there to inhabit the soul of players Teiá Futbol Cinc.

Teiá Futbol Cinc

Teiá Futbol Cinc (CAT)

Team roster Teiá Futbol Cinc (CAT)

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ACS Marcouville

Third team placed in group A, ACS Marcouville.

logo-Aquarel-CS-Marcouville-24b-150pxFor two years, the ACS Marcouville leader of the Island of France, knows a meteoric rise, led by a framework of very talented young players who accumulate experience. Unfortunate semifinalist during the French National Challenge 2012, ACS Marcouville has since confirmed his status as an outsider for the title of Champion of France in 2013, with an almost perfect record in National League Futsal (LNFS Division North Elite). The club remains committed to the Paris suburbs in the French National Challenge this year with a qualification to quarter-finals.

Novice on the European scene, the ACS Marcouville will quickly experience the reality of international games rubbing broken in training in European competitions. Minnows in group A, the tricolor formation hope shake the hierarchy based on the best scorer in the North Division of the LNFS (Kamel Benmouna), but also on its international Smaïn Benkherouf, real playmaker of the team . The task is still very difficult for the cast of Kevin Decaux should, whatever happens, a new milestone and garner a new experience likely to advance this very promising young team.

The Paris will have the advantage of observing their opponents compete for the first day of competition, before starting against the Czech SMR Plus Zlin. A good way to calibrate and inflame the Corsican public at this meeting which will be played in prime time.

Aquarel CS Marcouville

Aquarel CS Marcouville (FRA)

Team roster ACS Marcouville (FRA)

  1. OUIRIMI Khemais
  2. OUIRIMI Mehdi
  3. BENKHEROUF Yacine
  5. LAGOUCHE Hervé
  6. DE ANDRADE Mickael
  7. KONATE Lassana
  8. BENMOUNA Kamel
  9. GOMIS David
  10. CLOCUH Martial
  11. BANANIER Victor
  12. BENREKKAB Hassane
  13. GAGUIR Mounir

Coach : DECAUX Kévin

SFC Volga Saratov

Also in Group A presentation SFC Volga Saratov, a serious candidate for the European Trophy.

logo-Volga-Saratov-150px4th in the latest edition of the prestigious European Cup of Champions Clubs and winner of the UEFS Futsal Cup in 2009 and finalist in 2010, the SFC Volga Saratov is a regular training to European catwalks. Based on a backbone consisting of international Russian players, the Club of the Lower Volga is sure to be a success in this event they have already won. City located 1000 kilometers southeast of Moscow, Saratov has almost one million habitants and many futsal clubs, as the SFC Volga Saratov, leading club in the Russian league.

Still in the race this season for the national title, Saratov is rather a Cup team that loves tournaments and try to confirm his challenger level this year. Engaged in group A, the Russians will quickly know what their future holds, they will be from the outset opposed to another favorite, Czech SMR Plus Zlin. In this formula, where the slightest mistake is fatal, one loss is synonymous with knockout 90%. Everything should be played in this initial shock, unless the ACS Marcouville only creates the surprise of the group, which is on paper, the toughest of competition. Coached by Anatoly Mal, the Russian team is shaping up as a key player in the competition, if not to miss his opening match …


SFC Volga Saratov (RUS)

Roster team SFC Volga Saratov (RUS)

  1. SOKOLOV Andrey
  2. ZAPLETIN Mikhail
  3. SLESAREV Maxim
  4. VARDANIAN Boris
  5. GRIGORYEV Alexander
  7. SENATOROV Roman
  9. BELYUKOV Sergey
  10. RAKHMANOV Afgan
  11. CHIBIREV Andrey
  12. MARKOV Alexander

Coach : MAL Anatoly

SMR Plus Zlin

Every day, training will be decrypted by our editors to present in detail all the protagonists of the UEFS Futsal Cup 2013. Today, the SMR Plus Zlin.

logo-SMR-Plus-Zlin-24b-200pxFavori announced for the final title, the club of Czech SMR Plus Zlin is a regular European games. On the podium in the latest edition of the European Cup of Champions Clubs organized in the Czech Republic, SMR Plus Zlin missed anything a European title in the most prestigious competitions UEFS.

Ranked third in the last national championship the Czech SMR Plus Zlin has not gone far from a national title, not failing to face Chemcomex Praha, vice-champion of Europe with its international armada. (Video 1/2 finale online)

Coached by Josef Soukenik, training Czech serious arguments to make, including Thomas Haloda his scorer record, up to 18 goals in the league this year. SMR Plus Zlin find his hen a formidable competitor, the SMC Volga Saratov, they defeated last year in the small final of the European Cup of Clubs Champions. What hope for the best reunion will be the opening match of the competition, an introduction that will delight many fans probably expected. Forced to finish first the chicken to reach the semi-finals, the Czechs will also get rid of the French club ACS Marcouville, novice at European level. The experience of SMR Plus Zlin could make the difference.

With a workforce comprehensive, SMR Plus Zlin has every chance of his side to win the final victory. It will he sufficient to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament? Initial response on April 24 at 14:30.


SMR Plus Zlin (CZE)

Roster team SMR Plus Zlin (CZE)

  1. SOUKENÍK Ondrej
  2. ZUBÍCEK Zdenek
  3. ZUBÍCEK Josef
  4. JULINA Zdenek
  5. ULMAN Tomáš
  6. SVETLÍK Ivo
  7. HALODA Tomáš
  8. ZELÍK Adam
  9. KRCMÁR Aleš
  10. KUTRA Tomáš
  11. CIESLAR Josef
  12. SLOBODIAN Rostislav
  13. VALKOVIC David
  14. KREPELKA Václav

Coach : SOUKENÍK Josef

Groups presentation

UEFS Futsal Cup 2013
from 24 to 28 April 2013 in Biguglia Corsica (France)







Volga Saratov

Teia Futsal 5

Altrans Futsal

Adria Novy Bor
(Czech Republic)


Aquarel CS Marcouville

Bastia Futsal

Tynset Futsal

Bar Flor de Lara Futsal


SMR Plus Zlin
(Czech Republic)

Dinamo Alushta

FC Saint-gilles

Spartak Moscou



UEFs futsal Cup 2013 in Corsica

logo-uefs-Cup-2013-RVB-72dpi-400pxWelcome to the website UEFS Futsal Cup 2013 in Corsica !

From 24 to 28 April 2013 will be held on the island of Corsica in the beautiful City of Biguglia, the XVI European Cup Futsal Club UEFS 2013 with the presence of the top 12 European clubs Futsal winners in their respective national Cup during the last season (2011-2012).

Qualifying clubs: are:

For France (Federation Futsal France – UNCFs)

  • Futsal Club de Saint-Gilles (30) – Winner of the Challenge National des Clubs de Futsal (Trophy A. Lopez)
  • Bastia Futsal (02) – Vice-Winner of the Challenge National des Clubs de Futsal UNCFs
  • ACS Marcouville (95) – Third of the Challenge National des Clubs de Futsal UNCFs

For Catalonia (Federació Catalana de Futbol Sala – FCFs)

  • TEIA Futsal 5 (Winner of the Catalonia Futsal Cup)

For Norway (Indoor Football Scandinavia – IFS)

  • Tynset Futsal

For Euskadi (Basque country) (Federación Alavesa Vasca Fútbol Sala – Favafutsal)

  • Altrans Futsal
  • Bar Flor de Laura futsal

For the Czech Republic (Česká federace sálového fotbalu ČFSF)

  • SMR Plus Zlin
  • Adria Novy Bor

For the Russian Federation (Федерация футзала России – ФФР)

  • Spartak Moscow (World’s Champion)
  • Volga Saratov

For Ukraine

  • Dinamo Alushta


Official poster of the UEFS futsal Cup 2013

We thank the AMS Futsal Bastia to create the official poster for the Futsal Cup 2013 UEFS